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It's The Kind Leader's 1 Year Anniversary! Celebrate with Will Sullivan and I - LIVE!!

And here’s how I got to spend it!! In the kindest way, with my fabulous friend from the kind-verse…Will Sullivan! Will invited me to be a guest on his weekly Wednesday with Will Live Show…and we had a blast! What a great discussion about the importance of kindness & leadership, about practice, about whether kindness is innate or learned (what do you think), and about my recent TEDx Talk on 5 Things you can so to be a kinder leader today!

And guess what…it’s Will’s Kind-aversary too!

Here’s what Will and I both know:

“Kindness leads to more kindness…and every single act of kindness makes a huge, positive difference!”

Here’s the link to watch the replay and share with your network:

Will, thank you so much for your kindness and your leadership! 💚❤️


If you'd like to practice the 5 Steps, please sign up for these short workshops:

And, if these times don't work for you, or if your team would like a special session just for them, please let me know!

All proceeds from the workshops will be donated to The Love an Kindness Project Foundation!

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