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It's Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

It’s Valentine’s Day today! And, it’s also the start of what I’m calling Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

On Thursday it’s Random Acts of Kindness Day…but being kind to others is too important to leave to random acts! Today, please take some time to plan out the Deliberate Acts of Kindness you can do for others this week! Deliberate means that you are consciously doing something that you know the consequences of. We know that when we act kindly, others will feel great, and so will we! Today, on Valentines Day, surprise someone (or many people!) by tucking a handwritten note about how much you care about them into their pocket! And think about those who may be lonely today. Reach out to them and let them know you are thinking about them! Your deliberate kind acts make a huge, positive difference! Happy Valentines Day to all! And Happy Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

And…please share your Deliberate Acts of Kindness in the comments!

I’ll be sharing some fabulous Gift-Aways with those that do! More on that throughout the week!

Happy Deliberate Acts of Kindness Week!

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