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Have you signed up for The Kind Leader Guided Book Club yet?

One thing I know is that learning anything new and getting more comfortable and confident with it takes practice! Practice also helps us deepen our understanding and improve our abilities for things we already know how to do! But sometimes, our best intentions to practice get sidetracked…we’re busy with other things, we procrastinate, or we just don’t have the discipline to practice on a regular basis!

That’s why I’ve created The Kind Leader Guided Book Club! Because I also know that it’s easiest to practice with the help of a kind, supportive community and with someone able to answer all your questions and keep you on track leading the way!

All you need to join? Your very own copy of The Kind Leader book and to register! We’ll be starting on January 27th! Each of the eight one hour sessions will be filled with learning, help and practical ways for you to start and deepen your practice of leading with kindness! I’ll be leading each session and helping make sure you get the most out of your practice!

Can’t wait to get started and to have you as part of The Kind Leader Guided Book Club Community! See below for more info!

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