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ORGWell 2022 Starts in 1 Month!

I’m super excited! Know why? Because it’s one month from the start of ORGWell 2022, the week of practical sessions that my friend, and mental health expert, Jessica House and I put together to help you decrease fear, increase trust and psychological safety, and improve mental health in your organization.

Last week, I put a poll on LinkedIn, and found out that most people don’t get started because they aren’t sure how to take the first steps! That’s why all of our sessions at ORGWell are designed to be practical and action-oriented, so you can get started making a positive difference for you and your organization!

ORGWell 2022 is perfect for anyone who works with others in an organization and wants to Feel Well, Do Well and Be Well. And wants the same for others in their organization as well. It's great for team members, and leaders at all levels!

Here's who should attend!

✔️Human Resource professionals

✔️Healthcare Leaders and Workers

✔️Teachers and Educators



We’ll be telling you more all this week! If you have questions, please reach out! We’ll be happy to answer them! We’re here to help!

Click Here to Join:


Affordable pricing to fit any and every budget! Include "Right Sized Pricing" so you can pay what is comfortable and affordable for you! Everyone is invited! And sessions will be recorded for those who would like to listen later!

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