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New for 2022! The #Stories of Kindness Project!

If you are looking for an easy and free way to get started Leading with Kindness on your team at work, at home in your family, or in a community you group you or your children are involved in, look no further!

Our sister organization, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation has just announced it's 2022 Project: Stories of Kindness!

To participate, all you need to do is download the free #StoriesOfKindness Notes and Instructions and start looking around for examples of every day kindness in your regular life!

  • At home: Your partner brings you a cup of tea in the afternoon; your daughter draws you a picture to cheer you up when you are feeling down; your son empties the dishwasher even if it's not his turn!

  • At work: Your team mate switches lunch breaks with you so you can do an important errand; your team leader helps you with a complicated call; your supervisor brings a cake for the team to share!

  • In the community: A shopper picks up an item someone else dropped; a neighbor takes your recycling bin to the curb while you are on vacation; a friend volunteers to walk your dog because you aren't feeling well.

When you see an example of #EveryDayKindness, write or draw about it on the #StoriesofKindness Note! Then post the note on the #StoriesofKindness Board that you create! If you don't have an actual board, don't worry! You can use the side of your fridge at home, or a cardboard box, or even a window!

Every day, read a Story of Kindness aloud...and post it on social media using the hashtags #StoriesofKindness and #EveryDayKindness. And, please submit your #StoriesOfKindness to The Love and Kindness Project Foundation through the Contact Form on their website. They will then share your #StoriesOfKindness on their social media! Although we tend to hear stories of unkindness on the news and on social media, kindness happens every day, all around us! We just have to look for it, notice it, and share it! Focusing on sharing those stories will help us act more kindly, feel more positive, and create a kinder, better world for all!

Thank you from everyone at The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, and here at!

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