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Kind Leaders Know That the Time to Recognize Kindness is Now!

“Kindness leads to more kindness!" In my 60 years here on Earth, that is one thing that I know for sure! On my birthday, my daughter Serena, and her partner Talia, surprised me with this beautiful mosaic Kindness Box they made for me as a birthday present! It took a lot of planning on their part! They had to come up with the idea, order the box and mosaic pieces on the internet, pick up grout at the home improvement store and then spend the time to create the mosaic! Then they wrote out 60 Notes of Kindness that they put in the box! One for each day of our #60 Days of Deliberate Kindness! Once the 60 days are over, and the box is empty, they thought I could fill it up again with kind acts that I planned and did! A totally FABULOUS 60th birthday present!

After opening the numerous cards and gifts that so many kind people sent me, and celebrating with my family, I spent my birthday out and about in my “60 and FABULOUS” tiara and sash! Not to call attention to my birthday, but to create an opportunity to recognize kindness! Whenever someone noticed what I was wearing and wished me Happy Birthday, I thanked them and recognized their kindness by giving them a Love and Kindness Button as a gift!! People were so happy and excited! It was super fun, and a great way to spread kindness!

As a leader, what can you do today to plan to deliberately recognize the kindness that is all around you? It doesn’t have to be big! Because I can guarantee, every act of kindness, no matter how small it seems, makes a huge, positive difference! And, as a leader, when you take the time to recognize kindness, deliberate or random, you will encourage even more kindness!

Thanks to everyone for helping me have a FABULOUS 60th birthday!!

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