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Exploring the Platinum Rule for a Kinder World!

An interview with Karyn Ross and Utkarsh Shukla on his podcast Professionals Unplugged!

A little while ago, a friend of mine sent me a note asking if I could connect with Utkarsh. She let me know that Utkarsh was looking for guests for his Professionals Unplugged series on YouTube.

Of course I said "yes", and last Friday, Utkarsh and I had a delightful conversation about kindness, and how to use the Platinum Rule: Do Unto Others as THEY would have done unto them" to create a kinder, better world.

Before the interview, Utkarsh told me that he always had a dream to have this kind of podcast. An informal setting where he could connect with all kinds of people all over the world, get to know them and have them share their stories, and their dreams, with others.

So, he simply got started!

After the interview (which you can view above), Utkarsh asked if I could recommend some others. So, of course, I did!

Because kindness means doing what I can to help others achieve their dreams!

It's actually quite simple!

Thank you, Utkarsh, for your kindness, and leadership, for working on fulfilling your dream, and for helping me fulfill mine: Activating and helping people to create a kinder, better world!


And if you haven't signed up yet, there is still time to register for our free, online, one-hour How to Be a Kindness Activator at Work Training! Just click right here!

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