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Pretty much, sorta retired from a HELM career: Higher Education Leadership and Management: R&D, professoring, executive education, consulting. Long and winding road: U. of Michigan, Grand Valley State Colleges (at the beginning), Higher Education Bureau-MI State Board of Education (at the beginning), Florida International University (at the beginning), Higher Education Management Institute (at the beginning), HEMI at the American Council on Education (at the beginning), Ohio State.

Kind Leadership is unique among > 650 named leadership models collected, each with ≥ print or on-line reference. Even better when "Kind Workplace Leadership" is familiar and practiced.

"TASK" is core principle and practice, challenge and opportunity, for every member of every company: Think, Act,and Speak Kindly. Kindness, among other good effects, is the "secret sauce" for causing happiness, the actions contributing to successful use of soft skills (> 100, citations for each).

Some research on implementing kind values and practices. Like-minded colleagues sought to develop and monetize application(s) for serving and improving individual, work group, and company "PQRS:" Performance, Quality, Results, and Success. (Fair warning: acronyms and initialisms valued tools).

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