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Why You Need to Lead with Kindness

Failures of leadership and failures of kindness. Together, they result in disastrous outcomes and hardship for so many: Discrimination, war, poverty, climate crisis, global inequity and so many other difficulties, hardships and injustices. That’s why leadership and kindness need to be synonymous, and why I wrote my new book The Kind Leader. So that you, regardless of formal role or title, can have the skills you need to lead others with kindness for beneficial, positive outcomes for all. And it’s why I started The New School for Kind Leaders, so that you’ll have a place to practice and learn within a supportive community of like-minded people. There’s no time to lose, and we’re out of time to wait for someone to else lead us out of these our difficulties. Each of us is a leader, and when we lead with kindness, we can create a huge, positive difference at work, at home, in our communities and in the world. Please join me in creating a better, kinder world for all through Kind Leadership!

It takes a lot of strength for leaders to Act, Speak and Think Kindly!
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