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Tue, Oct 26


NSKL Workshop - Leading with the 5Cs of Psychological Safety

Understand how to use the 5Cs of Psychological Safety to create a culture of trust and better ways to work in your organization.

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NSKL Workshop - Leading with the 5Cs of Psychological Safety
NSKL Workshop - Leading with the 5Cs of Psychological Safety

Time & Location

Oct 26, 2021, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT


About the Event

Have you ever been in a work environment where you weren’t  comfortable being your true authentic self? Where asking questions,  raising problems, or disagreeing with people wasn’t welcome? Where you  kept things to yourself in fear of what people might think, say, or do?  These are all signs that you did not feel psychologically safe. And when  you don’t feel psychologically safe, it becomes very difficult for you  to do your best work, to learn, to solve problems, to be innovative, and  to be fully engaged. 

As Kind Leaders, we need to make sure that our organization has a system to ensure that everyone, at all levels, feels emotionally and psychologically safe. Caring for people’s  mental health is the basis of psychological safety, which is the  prerequisite for learning, growth, innovation, and improvement. Unless  people feel psychologically safe, they won't be unable to do their best  work, solve problems, innovate and be fully engaged. And unless leaders Lead with Kindness, they won't be able to create that system, and a culture of trust.

Workshop Content:

In  this 2.5 hour fully interactive workshop, Jessica House, mental health  counsellor, and President of LightHouse Counselling and  Wellness, and Karyn Ross, founder of The New School for Kind Leaders, will introduce you to The 5Cs of Psychological Safety, the  system they've created to help organizations focus on and increase  psychological safety. During this workshop you'll:

  1. Delve into each of the 5Cs (Clear Expectations, Connect Regularly, Care  Genuinely, Consistent Kindness, Coregulate) and learn about its impact  on your own feeings and metal health and the the well being and  engagement of your team
  2. Assess your own feelings of psychological safety for each of the 5Cs
  3. Use the 5Cs framework to identify and assess areas in which your organization can improve psychological safety

A  combination of theory and practice will allow you to leave this workshop with an understanding of both the importance of  psychological safety,  how, as a leader, to use The 5Cs as a framework and tool to  enhance psychological safety and kindness within any organization and a  plan to take your first steps towards greater psychological safety.

Course Materials:

As part of the mini-workshop, all class participants will receive:

  • A  Personal 5Cs Psychological Safety Self-Assessment document to use to  assess their own personal feelings of psychological safety
  • An  Organizational 5Cs Psychological Safety Assessment document focused on  behaviors that lead to a psychologically safe work environment
  • A 5Cs Workbook Handout to use to record notes, and next action steps throughout the mini-workshop

You will receive the class materials with the Zoom link to the class, one day before the mini-workshop starts.


The New School for Kind Leaders practices Right-Sized Pricing.  That means all people, regardless of ability to pay, are welcome to  attend. Suggested Tuition Contribution Pricing:

  • Currently Working: $50.00
  • Not Working: $25.00
  • Right-Sized  Pricing Contribution: If neither of the above prices works for you,  please feel free to contribute whatever is comfortable and affordable.  You are also encouraged to make a Pay it Forward Tuition Contribution  above the suggested pricing to pay for those who aren't able to. Your  kindness will be greatly appreciated!

To be fully registered, pay tuition and attend this workshop, please follow this link:

Plese note: Eventbrite will send you an email confirming your registration. Please  mark your calendar and hold the date and time. One day before the  session, you will receive a separate email from the organizers with the  Zoom login information.

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