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• Collector of Leadership Models and Qualities since 1980. Now > 750 named models. < five include kindness as an essential ingredient – BIG opportunity for L&D (learning and development), particularly for very small cos: 5 - ~100 members. • Developer of Universal System for Assessment™ (USA™) based on work done by Renis Likert (the "Likert Scale," ca. 1930s) and Dr. William Hitt at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH. • Designer of Kind Workplace Leadership (KWL) program. • Collector of Leadership Information Providers (LIPs) – eMails, web sites, blogs, soft skill topic offerings. Now > 60 LIPs providers. Only one leads with kindness. • Learner: ready to learn more about Kind Leadership to enrich present programs. (Updated 3/19/2022)

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