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Time to sign up for The 5 Keys Steps to Solving a Problem Kindly!

Problems abound. At work, at home and in the world. That is because nothing, and no one, is perfect. Problem-solving is a huge focus for many organizations and individuals, with many methodologies being used. Because most problems involve people on some level, it’s important to solve problems in ways that bring people together, eliminate fear, and create trust and a culture where people learn how to solve problems in a positive way.

That’s why I created The 5 Key Steps to Solving a Problem Kindly. To help you, and your organization solve problems in a way that generates positive outcomes for people and a kinder culture.

On April 5th, please join this practical, hands-on session to learn how to use the 5 Steps. You’ll learn and practice on a case study, and on a problem you bring to the session to work on. So, if you have an interdepartmental problem that’s been hanging around, interpersonal problems on your team, or between co-workers, or entrenched cultural problems, please join and start using The 5 Steps to reduce and eliminate them.

Kindness isn’t weakness, and it’s not about letting problems fester. It’s about solving them with empathy and compassion and creating ways to work together collaboratively, cooperatively and in harmony!

Can't wait to see you at the workshop!

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