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Myth #3: Kind Leaders Can't Say No!

Today’s Kind Leader Myth to bust: Kind Leaders can’t say NO! Many people think that being a kind person, and kind leader, means that you always have to say “yes”, even for things you don’t want to do or feel comfortable with because saying NO might hurt someone’s feelings or be perceived as not being nice.

Nothing could be farther from truth. Because kindness means ensuring that there are positive outcomes and effects for others, Kind Leaders must say NO quite often:

  • NO to behaviors and words in their organization that denigrate others and make people feel uncared for and disrespected

  • NO to work that doesn’t go with organizational priorities so that people aren’t overburdened and burnt out trying to do too many things

  • NO to suggestions for projects and initiatives that will create too many conflicting priorities

  • NO to ways of working that create a culture of fear instead of a culture of trust.

Being kind, and being a Kind Leader, takes a lot of strength, and a lot of courage. Because saying NO and backing your words with actions, can be difficult. Sometimes, doing nothing, or saying “yes” may seem like the easier choice. But Kind Leaders know that to create cultures and organizations where people flourish, thrive and grow for the long term, saying NO is a necessity.


We'll be starting another Kind Leader Guided Book Club in September! I’d love you to join us! Having the courage to say NO is easier when you have a kind, supportive community to support you! Just click right here to learn more and register!

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