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It's My Birthday and I'll Be Kind Because I Want To!!

Well!! It’s finally here!! My 60th birthday…and my first deliberate act of kindness for our #60 Days of Deliberate Kindness!! Here’s what I did! My daughter, Serena (who came from NYC with her partner Talia, to help me celebrate) and I headed outside with Big Karma and Little Kosmo and “planted” 60 butterflies, 60 dragonflies and 60 pinwheels along the sidewalk and wrote a message on my driveway:

“It’s my 60th Birthday! Please help me celebrate by taking a pinwheel/butterfly/dragonfly and doing an act of kindness!“

As we were putting everything out, a family stopped by to chat, and choose what they would like to take! They were so excited to see Big Karma and Little Kosmo, so I ran inside and got a copy of Big Karma and Little Kosmo Help Each Other to give them to take home!

Because, over the past 60 years, here’s what I’ve learned! Kindness is the best gift to give…and to receive…and kindness simply leads to more kindness!

Today, wherever you are, please help me celebrate by doing an act of kindness…and if you’d like, join #60 Days of Deliberate Kindness! We'll be so happy to have you as part of our very kind community!

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